The Short Version

Paulo da Silva is Portuguese, was raised in South Africa, lives in Germany, and is often found loitering near second-hand bookstores in the UK. He is a software developer by profession. Occasionally he complains about a writer's woes at authorpaulo.blogspot.com.

The Long Version

I started writing in August, 2013.

I started writing "seriously" in March or so, 2016.

Between those two times I sold my soul to self-publishing. I made some money (not much, not enough to sell a soul for - is there ever a high enough price?), got good reviews, got bad reviews, wrote under four or six pseudonyms / heteronyms (I lost count). Garnered some fans.

Long story. Backstory.

I started writing because I was broke, thought I would "make it big" with my first shot out the gates.

Haha - joke's on me.

Well, while trying to "make my fortune," I fell in love with writing itself, quit the self-publishing swill, decided to actually learn something about language and words, started chugging away at the "old fashioned" route, writing short stories, trying to break into the market.

I like the old fashioned route. It's humbling.

After a while, form rejections became personalized rejections, became rewrite requests, became my first-ever sale.

This is where we're at now. June, 2016.

Fingers crossed that the first-ever sale will become second-ever, third, and then a novel...

To the stars, as they say.

Random Facts

Paulo is my second name. 

Most folk call me Ricky or Ricardo, occasionally Ricky Ricardo, Ricardo Montalban, Tricky Ricky, Rickmeister. Let's stick with Paulo.

I'm Luso-South African (which basically means I'm of Portuguese heritage, born and raised in South Africa.) I speak English and Portuguese. 

I live in Germany (long story short: I fell in love, married a German, lived happily ever after.)

I'm currently a software developer, although other jobs I've had include:
  • Vitamin salesman (telesales)
  • Mural painter (that went really, really badly)
  • Waiter / Server
  • Data inputter (those were tough days, tough days)
  • Assistant to a personal fitness trainer
I don't own any cats. Although I did once. Her name was Fluffy.

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