Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"The Novel," and a trip to Lisbon...

I'm two days into a 17-day research trip in Lisbon for "The Novel" (that being the current designation of my Bright Idea for a book which hopefully I will actually finish writing, eventually, and then sell some day...) My feet are blue from walking and I feel ill from too many caf├ęs, but at least I know now how deep the notches were for the bolts which locked one of the portal doors through the old wall surrounding the city (this particular doorway being at the Chafariz d'El Rey," or "King's Fountain").

I present it to you here, for I know you suffer from sleepless nights for lack of this knowledge... 

And here's another doorway, what they call a "wicket," which is apparently a thin passageway, only for pedestrians, through a fortification wall. Creepy, eh? Looks like the perfect setting for a horror novel.

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